Amara Toure Is Missing

Album Review: Amara Touré 1973-1980 Amara Toure is missing. Nobody knows where he is, if he is alive or whatever happened to him since the 1980s. Yet, his body of work, which is all he is survived by, is one of the most irreplaceable African music discographies of all time. The Guinean went to Senegal … Continue reading Amara Toure Is Missing


Super 16 [Take II]: African Short Films to Watch

Super 16 is back after a short hiatus. On this edition we showcase four short films from the continent and beyond that you should watch now! In no particular order, here are some of the short films from across the country that we enjoyed watching over the past month. They represent the growing quality of … Continue reading Super 16 [Take II]: African Short Films to Watch

Special Sauce – Sabolai Mix

African Electronic Music is one of the most criminally underrated genres of all time. Usually, major labels and music media tend to group all music from the continent under one vague and lazy category: World Music. This tag undermines the genius work of artist who have toiled to innovate new and distinct sounds, mirroring their … Continue reading Special Sauce – Sabolai Mix