Oumou Sangare Charms “Today’s People” with new album “Mogoya”

On this new LP, what you get from Oumou Sangare is what you would expect from a seasoned musician and more. She gives you the tenderness of her past, seasoned with the sweet promise of tomorrow without laboring you with too much or stepping away from who she is and what she stands for.

Album Review: Jinja – The Nile Project

  Nature awakens with such graceful force on The Nile Project’s second album, Jinja. 15 musicians from 11 countries who drink from this magnificent waterbody alloy their sounds to make a passionate plea for this river. The Nile’s existence in critical, not only to the daily lives of the people of the countries through which … Continue reading Album Review: Jinja – The Nile Project

Amara Toure Is Missing

Album Review: Amara Touré 1973-1980 Amara Toure is missing. Nobody knows where he is, if he is alive or whatever happened to him since the 1980s. Yet, his body of work, which is all he is survived by, is one of the most irreplaceable African music discographies of all time. The Guinean went to Senegal … Continue reading Amara Toure Is Missing